Sponsorship Opportunities

NEF offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities throughout the year which allow individuals or businesses to support important educational initiatives while also gaining valuable exposure across the community.

Platinum Sponsorship (1 at $10,000 )

The NEF Platinum sponsorship offers extensive and continued recognition throughout the duration of the school year. Click here for details.

Golden Apple Matching Donor ($5,000+)

Each year, Northborough students & parents honor teachers & staff with Golden Apples—teacher appreciation gifts in the form of donations to NEF. While they can be given any time of year, the program is promoted three times annually for holiday gifts, teacher appreciation week and end of year. The Golden Apple Matching Donor is recognized in all publicity and materials related to this program. Click here for details.

Cornerstone Grant Sponsorships (2 at $1200 each)

Each year the NEF funds two Cornerstone grants that support community-wide reading initiatives: Community Reading Day and the Northborough Children’s Book Award. These sponsorships allow local businesses the opportunity to be closely tied to these initiatives. For more information, click here.

Event Sponsorships ($100-$1500)

NEF is known throughout Northborough and beyond for its four flagship events that bring the community together while supporting our schools. Each event offers sponsors a variety of price points and community-wide visibility.

  • Applefest Gala (Multiple at $500-$2500)
    This cocktail and dancing event has become a cornerstone of Northborough’s Applefest weekend and typically sells to capacity (320 adults) in a matter of days.

  • Team Trivia Night (Multiple at $100-$1000)
    Each spring, NEF hosts Team Trivia Night  where 50 teams of four people compete, testing their knowledge of sports, TV, movies, history and even local Northborough trivia—while enjoying a fun night out with local friends. 

Product Donations

In addition to each of the sponsorships listed above, NEF accepts and greatly appreciates donation of products or services to our Team Trivia Night Silent Auction. For more information please contact info@northboroughed.org.

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