Golden Apples

GoldenAppleSampleShow your appreciation for the educators who make a difference in your child’s learning by gifting them a personalized Golden Apple.

Your child is surrounded by people who work to enhance their learning experience every day. Honor those who you feel deserve to be recognized… classroom teachers, assistants, specialists, librarians, office staff, nurses, special educators, or anyone associated with your child’s school experience!

Golden Apple certificates are printed individually and can include a personalized message.

Donations from this program provide financial support that directly funds school initiatives through the Northborough Education Foundation (NEF). NEF provides grants for unique educational programs that fall outside the realm of the annual school budget.

Add a Target gift card with your Golden Apple order. We offer in denominations of $5, $10, or $20. All you have to do is order, we will deliver the Golden Apples and gift cards to your teachers.

To purchase Golden Apples online, click here.

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