What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a different breed of computer. Instead of running on a Windows or Mac operating system, A Chromebook runs on Google’s web-based Chrome OS, with most documents and apps existing in the cloud.  This means that these devices are extremely fast to boot up and require little administration or management. For a more detailed explanation and a look at exactly how a Chromebook works, watch this brief video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QRO3gKj3qw

Why are Chromebooks right for Schools?

Thanks to their low price point, Chromebooks are an affordable option for schools, allowing for a more wide scale distribution. . Because documents and applications live on the web, projects are accessible to students whether they are in school, at home or elsewhere—and nothing is stored on the device itself. This also minimizes the need for device management, software updates and security protocols.

If you’d like to know more, here’s a great article on the subject:

How will they be used in Northborough?

The Northborough school system introduces Chromebooks at the 3rd grade level and integrates them—as availability allows— into the curriculum through 12th grade. The lower grades use Chromebooks to practice typing skills, access online resources (math facts, spelling and reading comprehension) and do research in Science and Social Studies. In the Middle School and High School, Chromebooks are introduced in the Science Lab, Foreign Language labs, Language Arts, History, Technology Engineering, and for continual improvement of 21st Century  research skills and techniques.

Don’t our schools already have Chromebooks?
Yes, there are a limited number of Chromebooks already in circulation in our schools. But, as a teacher very wisely pointed out, “Would you give a classroom just one pencil?” Regular and easy access to technology is critical in today’s K-12 classroom. Almost as critical as access to more traditional school supplies. As digital content becomes more and more readily available, much of our schools’ core curriculum now includes electronic components—which require digital access.

Why aren’t these covered under the school budget?
The Northborough/Southborough School district budget supports a consistent and continuous investment in technology. However, this includes investment in infrastructure on which modern devices can run, as well as the software, applications and management required for a 21st century digital learning environment. While new devices are added to our schools each year, keeping pace with the demands for current and changing technology can be challenging. NEF is working to help Northborough reach the state-recommended goal of a 1:1 student to device ratio at a much more rapid pace than would otherwise be possible.

Working in close cooperation with NEF, the District will fund management licenses and charging carts to support all the Chromebooks donated via this campaign.

Don’t kids spend enough time in front of screens these days?
In our schools, students are learning digital fluency in a scholarly and practical way, preparing them for higher education and the modern workforce. Our students learn not only how to use technology, but more importantly how to understand and determine accurate information and how to successfully communicate their knowledge to others. What’s more, digital skills they learn in school — typing, research, document preparation, file management, content organization—will be taken home, and beyond.

Can I choose what school it goes to?
Yes. You will have the opportunity to specify at checkout.

Will I be recognized for my contribution?
All contributions will be recognized on this website. Contributions of $125 (1/2 Chromebook) and above will be recognized with a permanent label on the donated device(s).

Do I have to donate a whole Chromebook?
No! Every donation we receive will help us to put more Chromebooks in the hands of our kids.

I saw a less expensive Chromebook at the store. Can I buy that one and donate it?
Unfortunately, no. The School District has done a good deal of research and put quite a bit of consideration into choosing the right make and model of Chromebooks for our schools to ensure optimal functionality and longevity.

Will you take donations of used Chromebooks?
No, but thanks for offering!

Where can I get additional questions answered?
Feel free to email us with any additional questions!